About Us

A Badger Naturist...

  • believes in the essential wholesomeness of the entire human body, the naturalness of social nudism, and our right to practice nudism.
  • is not judged on the basis of race, religion, politics, marital status, age (minors must have a parent's permission), gender, occupations or income.  He or she is judged on compatibility with the group and on his/her willingness to conform to the prevailing standards.
  • respects the privacy of others, is concerned with his/her behaviors as it reflects on the reputation of family-style nudism, and is willing to share responsibility of maintaining the compatibility of the group.
  • whether single or married, young or old, believes in family-style nudism where sexual preferences and harassments are not a public issue, where consumption of alcohol is controlled, where illegal activities and substances are forbidden.
  • is part of a larger family of friends who respect each other and other's belongings.  Both children and adults are expected to be considerate guests in homes and on trips.
  • pays annual dues.  

While not required, we encourage all members to join some or all of the following organizations